Hackathon / Event Partnerships

Part of TechHacks' mission is to support hackathons and other programming related events in order to make computer science more accessible. We do this by providing our partner events with some of our resources. In order to be eligible for partnership, your event must allow high school students to attend.


  • We'll send you a list of sponsors and help you raise money for your event!
  • We can provide financial guidance and set you up with a trusted fiscal sponsor.
  • If your event is on the east coast we will send out mentors and volunteers to your event.
  • We will provide planning templates and other such items.
  • If specified, we can schedule calls to go over planning and assist with logistics.

If interested, please email [email protected] and say hi! We'd love to work with you!

Add the code below to the top of your HTML body to show you're an official TechHacks partner!

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